Current Messages



The secretary is currently holding many certificates that owners have not picked up.  The certificate is a valuable document and a signature is required showing that you materially received it by signing the book from which it was taken.  You may call the secretary at 208-201-0255 to make arrangements to pick yours up.  Thank you.


 Please call the water master, Joel Brighton, at 208-604-1074 when you need water and when you are shutting down a stream. 24 hour notice is required to give him time to adjust the gates to keep the water delivery system balanced.


The Board of Directors would strongly urge you to not kill all vegetation around the banks and head gates with round-up or ground sterilizer. Root systems help hold soil in place and prevent wash-outs. Use your spray in the ditch bottom to facilitate stream flow, but keep your embankments in place with plant life.